Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Download My Purchased Item?

Please see the instructions page for complete details on how to download and read your eTextbooks.

What Format Do the Textbooks Come In?

All of our items come in PDF format. PDF file format can be downloaded, opened, and read on any digital device. It is compatible on all Computers, Tablets, eReaders, and Cell Phone Mobile Devices. If you need a specific format for a specific device, ie Kindle Fire, please contact support and include your order number and desired format.

Is My Purchase Permanent or a Rental eBook?

All of our Textbooks and eBooks on site are yours to keep permanently. It is NOT a rental item and they will last forever. You can download and transfer them onto as many devices as you need to. We do ask that you do not share or abuse the system by sharing your purchased item with others. The purchased etextbook is for your personal use only.

How Do I Request a Textbook Now On Your Website?

We have a dedicated email for request ( Please submit with your email: the title, author, and ISBN number for the textbook you are looking for. If we have it in stock we will reply within 24 hours of request on how to complete the purchase for your requested item.

How Do I Find My Items at a Later Date?

Please make sure you create an account at checkout so you can log back in later to find all of your purchased items. 

I Am Having An Issue with my Purchase What Do I Do?

Contact us at support and we will assist right away at:

Can I Download My Item More Than Once?

Absolutely, your eTextbook is yours to keep forever and will never expire or be deleted. We do ask that you limit your downloads and devices to personal use only and your downloads are not to be shared or abuse our system with excessive downloads from anyone other than yourself or your own devices.

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